Visa related flight to London & 24h in London

Flight back to London was uneventful except for meeting a Syrian girl who lived in London. We chatted a bit, she recommended a couple of clubs I should visit in Beirut and we laughed over fruit. I was pointing to a green plum and was asking ‘Is this sweet?’ to which she responded ‘No, it’s fruit.’. ‘Yes, I know’ I said. ‘But is it sweet?’. ‘No, it’s fruit.’ We did that a couple more times until she finally got what I was asking.

Being in London, the tube, everything around me felt strange and foreign. I didn’t want to be there and was looking forward to leaving again the following day.

I felt better when I saw Joe at home and we stayed up chatting about Beirut. I didn’t see Steph and Luke that night and I nearly missed them in morning but we managed to get a hug just as they were walking out the door.

Joe’s alarm went off soon after 5am with the moist annoying and loud ring tone there ever was. It was impossible to sleep again after that. So I got up instead and did laundry hoping it would dry before I had to pack it away.

I then went to the Benin Consulate in North West London and got the infamous visa in less than 10mins.

The infamous Benin visa - a stamp in the passport.

The infamous Benin visa – a stamp in the passport.

Just as I was walking out I got a message from an ex-colleague and friend and we arranged to meet for lunch at my favourite Vietnamese restaurant. It was good to see the guys, we caught up on a few things, enjoyed a nice meal and made fun of the gloomy weather.

Then it was time to do some errands – I deposited a cheque that I had been carrying around with me, tried to buy a top (identical to the one I had destroyed just before I left), went to the storage place and tried to find my birth certificate (I opened a few boxes where I thought it might be but when I didn’t find it I decided not to unpack the rest of the boxes), went home and spoke to an energy provider and my lettings agent. I also wrote a bit and uploaded a bunch of photos. Before I knew it Joe was back, we were talking, I was packing, then Eva (lovely girl who took over my room) was back, we hugged and I was off to begin my African adventure.


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