Hotel life at the Best Western

During the weekend (starting on Friday evening) the hotel turns into a bar. Both restaurants are full of non-guests and the lobby is buzzing with people enjoying drinks. There is even a live band. Check out the video!

I was sitting in the lobby after dinner, talking to Bill and enjoying the music when a waiter approached me and told me that the ‘big boss’ wanted me to have a drink. I thanked him but told him I didn’t want anything and that I was going upstairs anyway. He insisted and I couldn’t tell if he was concerned about me or scared to go back to the ‘big boss’ without a drink order from me. I felt bad for him and ordered a juice.


With my juice from the ‘big boss’

All was good until I felt tired and wanted to sleep but the music was louder than ever (it had now changed from the band to a DJ). Good think I am not a fussy sleeper and can sleep through anything.

Now I take you to the cleaning aspect of hotel stays. They find it necessary to clean my room every day (although I am here for a month) unless I tell them not to. I find this very wasteful. How much mess could I possibly make in one evening?

Anyway when they do they always take my soap. There was one to start with and when they clean they take it and fail to replace it. First of all why do you have to throw away a soap that’s been barely used? Second of all, if you do throw it away, why not replace it? After all what am I supposed to wash my hands with?! This is going to have to change.


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