Fun and sun in Beirut

Day 7

Today was the first day I woke up with an appetite for food in 3 months. I went downstairs and helped myself to some fresh tomatoes, cheese, baguette, black olives and juice. I mopped that up while Bill was sorting out the rental car. We are going on a mini road trip!

You know what rental cars are normally like? So imagine my surprise when Bill headed towards a nice, shiny, black SUV and it turned out to be our very own for the day. I didn’t ask how much it cost. Apparently the normal car wasn’t available and the SUV was the only option. Turns out you can rent Lamborghinis around here and here I am worrying about an SUV 🙂

Bill had planned the whole day so all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride.

Our first stop was the National Archeological museum. It was destroyed during the Lebanese Civil War and it now enjoys a brand new building. It is not too small, and not too big filled with lovely Roman statues and other such beauties.


A nice, relaxed start to the day and we were off to our next destination. I wasn’t quite sure what we would do at a hotel when we pulled up in front of one but it very soon became clear to me. We were going jet skiing!

A quick change into the bathing suit and we were off! I had never done it before and my adrenaline was through the roof. The sea was a bit choppy that day which only made it more exhilarating. It was wet, and fun, and scary and beautiful and I have never heard myself breath like that before. I even got to have a little swim in the Med 🙂

After an hour of speeding and flying I stepped back onto the platform in some sort of a stupor. It took me a while to relax my body and my mind. We thought it best to chill by the pool for a bit and enjoy a drink 🙂

Before we knew it, it was lunchtime and we thought we’d start with a plateful of lovely, fresh exotic fruit and a large portion of juicy watermelon. Mmmmm! That I followed with some mouth-watering seafood linguine.

Lunch done, a quick change of clothes and we were back in our lovely rental car. I didn’t know what was coming next and I didn’t care. I was having the best of times. After a while I realized we were no longer in Beirut but have moved up north. There was absolutely no change in scenery – same road, same buildings, shops and restaurants.

Bill pointed to a castle at the top of the mountain and said that that’s where we are going. We stopped at the foot of the mountain where a funny looking cable car in bright colours would take us to the top. It was old fashioned and capsule like. I wondered if it would take us to the top in one peace.

We reached the top and walked around Our Lady of Lebanon, a big statue perched on top of the mountain right next to a very modern looking cathedral. Weather at the top was completely different from that at the bottom and it soon started raining. We took the funny teleferico back and were on our way again.


We reached Jbeil. A lovely historical town by the beach boasting castle ruins, walls, charming souks and cafes, cute marinas and a prime sunset viewing spot. We walked around soaking it all up, the air was filled with the aroma of blooming flowers and trees and there was just enough people around to make it come alive.


We reached the walls by the sea and sat there for a while watching the sunset took some photos and thought it dinnertime. We sat at a seafood restaurant by the marina, still able to see the sea and ordered the local lobster, some fresh red snapper and boiled potatoes.



After a leisurely after dinner walk through the cobbled streets we were back at the car enjoying some random fireworks going off in the distance. I love fireworks! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. I am a lucky girl.


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