Beirut – lunching on the 18th floor

Good progress at work. This was even acknowledged by one of the team members. I was happy because he was the one getting frustrated that things weren’t happening fast enough.

The most memorable event of the day was my lunch at Prime 18 (remember the 18th floor restaurant where we celebrated Bill’s birthday?).  I wanted a nice meal and this was at a convenient distance. As soon as I sat down I realized that it was probably a bit too posh for a regular lunch and I felt slightly guilty for spending that much money on a regular meal but hey!


I came back to the hotel after work and have been catching up on blog posts ever since. I finally got in the flow and didn’t want to stop.

Bill is still at work, and will be until 10pm so it is just me for dinner tonight. I wonder what to get? The menu at the hotel restaurant I awful – it is not exciting at all and the prep is poor. But it is convenient. I have been trying to find good meals recently just so that eat. I lost a lot of weight recently and I need to put it back on so no expense is spared.


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