Beirut: Not feeling well

Today was not a good day. It started with an upset stomach and didn’t get much better for the rest of the day. I felt tired and sick all day, hardly ate.

The way people work here is different than what I am usually used to in the UK – both the work culture and the way business is done.

I was getting frustrated at first until I realized why it was necessary (political/economic situation, regulations, war, the nature of the business, etc) and then I was fascinated. It didn’t make it any easier but it was now a challenge, something to conquer and that made it fun.

Finished work somehow, went home and rested in bed. I must have have dosed off at some point when I heard the phone beeping (Bill trying to contact me on Viber). I ignored it. My bliss didn’t last long, I then heard the phone ringing and it couldn’t have been anyone but Bill.

He was trying to get me out of bed and down to the restaurant for some food. I had some tea and we played backgammon. He beat me 3-0.


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