Beirut – Bill’s birthday! (Day 6)

It’s Bill’s birthday today!!! And I am treating him to a nice dinner. I’d wanted to take him to the Movenpick, a nearby hotel where he had enjoyed staying at. But at the last minute we changed it to the Lancaster Plaza.

I put on a lovely bright dress, high heels, did my hair and make up, Bill also smartened up (as much as possible for an American :P) and we were on our way. Prime 18 is on the 18th floor of the hotel and offers phenomenal views of Beirut and the sea.

The food was great and so was the wine. The service was very kind and trying really hard but there was still much to be desired in terms of timing. It is OK since they have only just opened. We had a good laugh.



Besides we were enjoying ourselves too much to care about minor imperfections. Again I was so moved as a result of our conversation. I felt beautiful and strong as if (and why not?) everything was possible.


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