Before the 7-months work abroad trip

‘Hello? Hi Adrian, how are you?’ – I said, voice low and barely audible.
‘Hi Katerina. I trust you are well. I am calling because you expressed an interest in working abroad and I wonder if you will be interested in an opportunity that’s just come up?’ – replied Adrian.

We start back at good, old London. I’d been back from Bulgaria for a few days – catching up with friends, sorting out my room rental, packing and moving. I knew I was going abroad for a few months but hadn’t thought much about it. In the last day or so I even wondered how good an idea it was.

I hadn’t been feeling great (to put it mildly!) in the last few months, I didn’t feel like anything, let alone changing country and living out of a suitcase for 7 months, and I wondered if being away from friends and family would actually do me any good.

Regardless of my feelings and thoughts I had signed a contract. I had purposefully looked for that contract and made it happen over the 6+ weeks I was in Bulgaria. Adrian, my recruitment agent had called me with an offer a day after I had broken up with my boyfriend and I would do anything to leave London and get distracted.

Now it was time to leave.

I reluctantly got out of bed that morning after a pep talk from my dad, finished packing my suitcases and bravely walked out of the door. After a pleasant tube ride (pleasant because a couple of completely random people including a girl who wasn’t much bigger than me kindly offered to carry my bags for me up and down the stairs. As if they knew that any kindness on their part was like a healing balm for my soul.) I arrived at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3. I got out of the tube and headed towards the departure boards and then it hit me! I was going to Beirut and I felt alive for the first time in three months.


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