Love London

After a long pause it is time to pick up the writing and update you on my last travel stories. From the wilderness of South America we move back to the Old Continent. Is it less wild – I will let you the judge of that.

Let’s start with one of the oldest; if not the oldest city in Europe – London, my new place of residence as of November 2010. Six months down the line I am still in love with the city and growing more so with every day. I am in love with the constant energy, the buzz, the international crowd and the constant happening. I love the impeccable customer service and the good old, beautifully sign-posted tube that is always under attack for not working well. It is working just fine; we just haven’t had the opportunity to compare to one that really isn’t working. I love the hundreds of languages that I am surrounded with every day matching the hundreds of skin colors that go with them. I love the food stores that are open 24h and make life easy for us along with the rest of the shops, bars and restaurants. I love how people say ‘I am sorry!’ out of politeness even if it is not their fault. I love how people smile at each other, greet each other and try to be considerate most of the time. I love the hundreds of performances on show every day, and I even more so love the fact that I am able to afford watching them. I love being able to eat a different meal from a various parts of the world that is even delivered to my door step if I wish it to be. I love all the clothes on sale, all the styles and colors. But most of all I love my friends. I love having friends. It is amazing to be able to call and text each other and meet up regularly for drinks and dinners, and salsa. It is great to be able to get together, talk, share and laugh. And how we laugh! Without those people London wouldn’t be the same. It really doesn’t matter where you live if you don’t have anyone to share the experience. It might be the most amazing city in the world, but it ain’t nothing without no friends. Because of this small group of people London has now become a home to me and I wouldn’t replace it for the world. Well, maybe just for Rio de Janeiro…


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