Mendoza: bikes and wines

The following is justa brief outline of our stay in Mendoza. I got too lazy to write in detail.
– Bus trip to Mendoza (first time in cam)
– Mario busy with his Rubic Cube, hardly paying attention to anything else
– Mario raving about the Bife de Chorizo at the bus station (Neuquen) food court
– Day 1: My bike trip of the city (the plazas, the hill (the isolations of it), the way back (the bumpy roads), went for dinner at a small local restaurant, had meatball stew and spent 3h talking (we didn’t notice the time go by).
– Day 2: Our trip to the Chilean frontier (beautiful scenery, cool Korean NY guys), went out for dinner and drinks to a karaoke bar I had seen the day before.
– Day 3: hired bikes and went to the wine region of Maipu (watched the game(Brazil lost, Mario was sad), found a great cerveceria for lunch (great homemade empanadas, tapas and beer – red, black, rubia) , played table football (he won a set of 10 so did I), we both fell in love with it immediately, there was little Maria Luz who was charming chewing dry grass. We went to Trapiche and had a tour incl. the tasting of 3 local wines, and Luciana (the guide let us a try a fourth one – their most expensive Malbec. We hugged for goodbye and went cycling all the way up to the other end of Maipu, rushing to get to an olive farm before it closed (I wanted the bread and olives included in the tour), the ride there was beautiful going under golden leafed trees extending along the road, punctuated by small family run wineries. The policeman told us it was closed, but we insisted and we won. Police escorted us all the way back to the rental place, we had a lot of fun cycling. Wine with two Americans before we left for Mendoza. Had dinner at a simple local place and crashed for the day.
– Day 4: We saw the Argentina game (humiliating loss) while we had breakfast at a local café, Mario watched the next game, I went for a walk (walked to the bus terminal researching the trip to Bolivia and Mario’s trip to Santiago; looked for a mini backgammon board and found one), an American guy had offered to have a BBQ at the hostel that night but we wanted to go to the movies, we started at 7pm and didn’t finish until the small hours of the morning (Robin Hood and lame Prince of Persia) only stopping for dinner in between (Mediterranean Wok for me, and a seafood one for Mario). We went back and slept
– Day 5: I left at 9am for Bolivia; Mario said he would leave a bit later for Santiago. We agreed to meet in Salta in about a week.

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