May 30, Caleta Sabauda

Today was a very short sailing day. We left Puerto Eden at 1pm and only sailed for about 3-4h before we anchored for the night. The little wind there was was against us and there was no point in keep going only to motor.
The four of us had out last breakfast together before Liam got off the boat and embarked on new adventures. I thought we’d send him off with some cheese omelets and lots of love. Leaving Liam behind was a very emotional moment for me. I cried like a baby, inconsolably for about an hour! I was really going to miss Liam, he had become a good friend and we had a lot of fun together. Of all the guys on board I felt closest to him. We had some great chats and so much fun cooking. I learned a lot from him in terms of spices and veggie dishes.
So, I as sniffing and tiding up the ropes Liam had helped us untie from the jetty. I had just calmed down when I saw him wave at us from the shore and started crying again. Then we turned the corner where we saw some people waving at us in the distance. We realized it was Patricia – our laundry lady – and all her children lined up on the porch waving us goodbye. I was so touched by the beauty of this act that I felt my eyes swell with tears. I had to run down into the cabin, hide and cry. It is the second time something like this has happened to me (the first time being in San Blas Islands, Panama when a bunch of the islands kids ran along the beach, waving their hands goodbye and screaming my name. And still the goodness and kindness in people never ceases to amaze me and touch my heart. I hope I am learning from them. There is a lot to be learned.
I couldn’t stop sniffing for quite a while after we had left Puerto Eden. I had to make lunch but I was out of spirits and stood there slowly chopping the veggies, my mind and heart somewhere completely different and even cut my thumb.
We motored along until we reached the caleta and settled for the night. The weather was very calm and we decided to just anchor and skip the shore lines.
Mario helped me cook a beef stew by chopping most of the vegetables and we spent the evening reading and playing backgammon. Speaking of the game I was the best player to start with on this boat but my winning days didn’t last too long because Mario picked up the game very quickly and not only picked it up (along with all the tricks I taught him) but also elevated it to a whole new level use probability and positioning techniques. He is now unbeatable. Not I, not Ian, nobody can beat him. Of all the games we have played we have only managed to win a total of 5-6 games between all of us. We have even started to think that he has sold his soul to the devil in exchange of some super special backgammon skills and endless winning. This was once a pleasant way to pass one’s time. Now it is this highly competitive, strategic game, whose only purpose is to kill and screw up the other. I rather liked it when it was done quickly and the only thing you had to remember was a few classic combinations. Simple! I am afraid I would have to pick up some of that complex strategy Mario has infused into it if I am to ever keep up with him. It might not be such a bad thing after all…I can’t help but wonder though whether it is really his strategy that is helping him or he is just the luckiest person in the world.
Let’s find out…

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