June 3, Caleta Ideal

Day 1
Today was a special day. Not in terms of sailing but in terms of the scenery. I guess this time I will start backwards and tell you about the end of our day first.
Today I saw the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen in my life. It was truly spectacular. I don’t know if it was just the sunset or a combination of the setting sun with the close proximity to the open ocean but there was something captivating about it. I stood in front of the boat, the wind whiplashing my face, but I was too busy admiring the majesty of nature to feel anything. I was so happy. There was something about it. We sailed straight towards the sunset and I enjoyed looking at the changing patterns of the sky. It shone through the clouds, then hid behind the mountain peak. I stood beside Ian in the cockpit telling him it reminded me of Mount Olympus. I could imagine Zeus sitting on top of it lost in the clouds. ‘…sipping his ambrosia!’ Ian added. I was then back at the front of our dear Persimmon. I saw the sun color just the edges of the clouds in that golden shade that only nature is truly capable of. I thought no human being could possibly ever draw this. It is too perfect, too beautiful! I kept turning back and forth trying not to miss the color parade both in front of us and behind the boat. Golden magnificence stretching on the horizon in front of us, the open ocean (calm for a change) to our right, and the mountains covered in pink mist getting lost in the thickening darkness. That pink sky over the Pacific…it was smeared with shades of pink. There weren’t clouds on it, just one big, thick, pink cloud covering the entire horizon. It was splendid and it lasted for such a long time. At some point I turned around and looked towards the sunset. It had created a pretty illusion. It had created a second peak, which top was lost in the clouds. It’s just that it was a cloud. There wasn’t a second peak, just a cloud. But how beautiful it was.
The water was calm, but hardly any shades fell on it. There was a bit of orange playing right in front of me, and a slight blanket of pink covering our right.
After some staring I couldn’t resist it any longer, ran back to the cabin and grabbed my camera. I knew I would never do it justice but I was at least going to try. Some of the photos actually turned alright.
At some point Ian came over to the front asking how I was. ‘Great!’ I exclaimed turning around to look at him. And I sure was.
– I now understand the people’s obsession with the open ocean – I told him.
– Have you seen a more magnificent sunset? – I inquired. He just smiled and said ‘Oh, darling, you would love Antarctica.’
– I am sure I will – I responded. Secretly thinking it is not Antarctica that worries me, it is the journey there.
I stood out on deck for a little longer, until the last shades of gold disappeared. It started drizzling but I still stood there, enjoying the moment. Two small seals joined us on our left. They jumped up and down a couple of times, and having satisfied their curiosity, disappeared into the dark waters.
Ian and I navigated to the entrance to the caleta and slowly positioned ourselves before we released the anchor. Ian backed up, making sure the anchor was holding us and we were done. Piece of cake! While we were busy on deck Mario was lying on the couch, resting after his bumpy shower. I thought he might have got seasick during that shower but he was just having a rest. Ian had told him that he smelled like feet and he had felt conscious. ‘You smell like feet!’ Ian ha said. It was really time for all of us to shower. We did smell. Some more than others but still. So Mario had decided to shower while we were still moving and the boat was bumping up and down, and to the side. He spent quite a lot of time there but hadn’t felt seasick. I guess he is over it.
Now, I on the other hand am a different story. I am not over it. As a matter of fact I spent most of yesterday lying on the couch, feeling dizzy. It started soon after we left the caleta. There was a bit of wind and we were sailing well when the wind suddenly dropped and we were left wiggling in the water. We were in no rush and Ian was willing to wait for it to come back. The gentle rocking though did it for me. I felt the hot waves going through my body after a while and had to lie down. I spent the rest of the day on the couch, falling in and out of sleep. I would wake up, feel the boat rocking, thinking we were barely moving and put my head down again. If we were not moving it wouldn’t matter whether I was inside or out. And lying down was probably the best thing to do.
Really, not a very exciting day. The boys played games while I was lying and it only got better towards the end of the day, when I finally decided to go out and get some fresh air. I came out at the right time, when the sun was setting and the surrounding hills and vegetation looked very pretty bathed in yellow and orange. All was calm.
We are now all settled for the next couple of days, waiting for the bad weather to pass by so we could embark on a truly adventurous part of our trip. The crossing of Golfo de Penas or the open ocean. The caleta where we are anchored is ideal for waiting, hence the name ’Ideal’. As for the crossing itself – I am trying not to think about it until it is time to do it. It will be very rocky and bumpy and I am worried that I will feel seasick for two days straight. The pain of it doesn’t worry me as much as not being able to help and just lying in bed all the time. Well, in any case, I am hoping for the best. Let’s see what happens.
Day 2
We are still at Caleta Ideal, waiting favourable weather. Not much happened today. We just hung around the boat, resting, playing games, doing a bit of cleaning.
Ian had gathered plenty of rain water the night before and since our tanks were full we thought we would have hot showers again.
– Do you remember the days you used to have hot showers everyday? – he said smilingly. And then we had a short discussion about ‘there-is-nothing-wrong’ with bucket showers and Mario told us about a couple of really scruffy hostels he had stayed where he had to take bucket showers.
We ate the last of the beef stew we had cooked a couple of days ago for lunch and cooked a cauliflower pasta dinner. We then hung out for a while, read a bit and went to bed.
Day 3
Another quiet day. The weather hasn’t been too bad but not pleasant enough to go out. It rained through the night again and then carried on through most of the day. We could really go for a walk, but even if we could it doesn’t look like there is much to see. The surrounding ground is flat, covered with thick vegetation.
I ate left over pasta for breakfast and the guys just nibbled on fruit and bread. They weren’t really hungry. Afterwards we played backgammon again for quite a while.
Mario got restless today. The boy’s just got too much energy and idleness doesn’t go well with him. We then played some poker, cooked some Nasi Goreng for lunch and took everything down from the deck in preparation for our Golfo de Penas crossing. Ian said it was a safety precaution. He didn’t want anything getting broken should a wave crash on top of us.
We got the cabin and the deck ready should we decide to leave in the evening. Mario and I then played some more backgammon before we all settled for the evening. Ian got on with dinner, making leak and potato soup and Mario and I are just reading.
We have just received the weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow and the wind is in our favour coming from behind and from the side. The waves though are between 5-6m which will make it uncomfortable. Although I am a bit anxious about this trip, my worst worry is being seasick and not being able to contribute, I have decided to just stay on awake and on deck, drinking coffee for as long as I can before I crash. I hope it works. I would hate just lying down being useless. We have decided to have dinner and then wait for the waves to go down. Let us see what happens.

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