June 2, Caleta Hale

Today’s subject is rainbows. More about that a bit later. Nothing exciting happened today. We made good progress but we motored for most of it. We only sailed for a couple of hours towards the end.
We got up at 8am, and sat around for a while, waiting for the light to break through so we can see into the channel and determine whether there was any wind or not. All was quiet; the guys untied the ropes, pulled up the anchor, tidied up the cockpit while I was busy making breakfast (toasties with scrambled eggs). There wasn’t any wind out in the channel and we motored our way forward. Since nothing was happening on deck I spent most of the day inside, reading or playing backgammon. So did the boys.
I made lunch at 1pm (leak with salmon cream sauce pasta), and then went back to my book. At some point I felt drowsy and lay down for a little nap despite the cold cabin (we turn off the heater when we tack because it tends to explode and huge puffs of suffocating diesel smoke come through the openings). I woke up an hour later and nothing had changed. We were still motoring.
We spoke to Bob a couple of times and he told us he was sailing at a great speed. We wondered where that wind was…it was perfectly still where we were! The guys were envious. Towards the late afternoon the wind picked up and we finally sailed. And at a good speed too. The wind came from an excellent angle and we had it at a 45º angle and still moved in a straight line. Yuppie! No tacking necessary. How lucky!
At some point we entered a very wide section of current that was against us. It slowed us down quite a bit despite the strong breeze. Our speed dropped to some three knots and Ian wanted to put the engine back on but I urged him not to. ‘Give it five minutes!’ I said, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ Sure enough the wind picked up and we were able to sail to the very end. Nice!
Only a few miles away from the caleta we spotted a ship that got closer and closer at a much higher speed. The sun was setting and the ship had aligned itself with us obviously looking at overtaking us. The only problem was that it was going to the left and we were going to the right. I asked Ian what was going to happen, and he came out in the cockpit to have a look at it. ‘It is their job not to hit us.’ he said. ‘Isn’t it also our job not to get hit by them?’ I asked smiling. My worries were unnecessary though. The speed moved at such a great speed that before I knew it it had overtaken us and was sailing towards the setting sun. At that time I was alone in the cockpit, the guys were having their x backgammon tournament, throwing threatening remarks at each other.
The sky had cleared; the sun was setting over the mountains, illuminating the dark water and the peaks in its golden colors. The clouds were all baby pink and one of them had a funny shape, looking more like a cloud of smoke than a regular cloud. It was a lovely sight to observe and I enjoyed my ‘me’ time alone on deck. I also sang. The great thing about sailing around here is that there is absolutely nobody around so I can scream my lungs out without worrying about the sound quality. In my defense though, it mostly comes out rather beautiful. Maybe because I just let it out without any worries…
Last but not least – the rainbows! I am not sure I have mentioned them before but we have seen so many. With such weather where it rains almost every day with the occasional sun blast rainbows are a given. Today’s one was particularly wonderful. It stretched over the canal from one end to the other, losing its left end somewhere in the clouds over the mountains. Its right end was right behind the boat and it was particularly bright and well defined. Since we sailed in a straight line it was visible for a very long time. How wonderful! Just imagine a bright spot of color spread across the grey, gloomy channels. It’s a miracle!
Later a second one appeared just to the right of the first one. It was much wider but not as bright or well defined. And it only stretched half way. Nevertheless it made for a spectacular background. Two rainbows seeing us off. Nice.
It is amazing how something as simple as a rainbow, something that excited me as a child, still very much has the same effect on me. Every time there is one, I scream ‘A rainbow!’, I point to it and drop everything to go and see it. I hope it stays like that forever.
It is now 10pm and Ian has gone to bed. Mario is brushing his teeth also getting ready for bed. Mario and I chopped some veggies and Ian prepared a nice stew. We had dinner and Ian told us stories about Indian gods. Very confusing, completely unreasonable, but makes for a great story. I will have to keep myself busy for a while until it is 12am and time for my very last pill. Reading it is.

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