June 14, Estero Atracadero

We didn’t leave until 12pm today after a very relaxed morning and an oatmeal breakfast. Mario wanted eggs as usual but my stomach still couldn’t take it thus opting for the lighter option. Ian had a couple if small jobs to do and once we were all ready we left.
There isn’t any wind today and we have just been motoring. It’s ok though, we knew it before we left and only set ourselves a small distance to cover.
Not much happened today, we spent most of our time inside, playing games, and resting. Soon after we left, we were all hungry again and I started making some potato burgers accompanied with a nice, fresh cabbage/carrot salad while Mario prepared a nice guacamole from the avocados that were still holding. After lunch we played backgammon, and I caught up on my writing.
Every now and then I would go out and feel so happy for having returned to the canals. I am so glad we are back here and out of the open ocean. There is so much more to see (and I have seem to have developed new eyes for it) and it is so much calmer. None of that rocking back and forth. Ian is still trying to convince me of the beauty of the open ocean and I am not disputing it. But until I see it flat and blue on a bright, sunny day (instead of the miserable grey mass that we have had to deal with) I will stick to the canals and their calm beauty. After the rough two sails that we had everything that the canals have to offer seems so much better and more beautiful, my heart filled with joy every time I look at it.
We were just out admiring the sunset, probably the second best that we have seen so far after the one we observed near Golfo de Penas where the sight of the open Pacific in the distance had a lot to do with it. The one we just saw spread across the mountains, bathing everything in golden shades. Stunning!
My favourite though was a tiny, little cloud that appeared to have been thrown on top of this mountain peak, completely out of place; like a taupe that didn’t fit its owner very well. It was so endearing, cute and funny at the same time. Glorious! I am certainly glad to be back in the canals. It feels like home.
It is now 5.40pm and we have nearly reached our caleta for the night. The guys are outside maneuvering us into position and I am still lying on the couch, writing this. I better go out and help or at least pretend to be doing something.

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