May 21, Canal Sarmiento

I haven’t been feeling great today. It started a couple of days ago and I thought I’d take it easy today hoping for improvement. The guys got up at 7.30am but I stayed in bed and didn’t get out until 11am. I woke up earlier but seeing how much the boat was rocking I decided I didn’t feel like getting out of the warm bed.
Once up, Mario told me they hadn’t had any breakfast and I quickly set to making omelets. ‘We need them!’ exclaimed Ian when I asked him whether he wanted one. I make these fluffy cheese omelets for them, and neatly arrange them on a plate, along with some fresh tomatoes, mayonnaise and bread. A good little snack.
From there on I parked myself on the couch, Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ in hand, trying to keep warm, and that is where I spent most of the day with minor exceptions.
I told Ian what I thought was wrong with me, as a way of explaining my lazy behavior. After a brief discussion w established that it wasn’t a cold but a urinary tract infection. I was worried but Ian assured me it was very common with women on sailing boats. We decided to see what happens in the next few days on our way to the next port and if it hasn’t improved we would go to a doctor. The pain started a couple of days ago just like I mentioned and slowly got worse until last night I felt uncomfortable to the point of not being able to sleep well.
Apart from that we have had a wonderful day. Canal Sarmiento is absolutely stunning, and probably my favourite canal so far. The scenery is not all that different but there is something about the way it is all arranged giving it a magical feel. The surrounding mountains are round, covered in vegetation, and at times dotted with waterfalls. We can see snow peaks in the distance mainly covered in clouds which just adds to that magical feel. The water particularly at sunset has this wonderful reflection, making it absolutely irresistible. The sun has been shining all day and we have hardly had any strong winds and rough sea.
Liam cooked a scrumptious lunch for us – stir fried vegetables with white rice cooked to perfection – another recipe for my sailing cookbook. And a great variation to our meals now that we have all these veggies. We all sat outside for lunch and enjoyed the glorious view and the sunny weather. Then I lay down again, although I wasn’t feeling bad as I did in the morning. I still thought taking it easy is good though.
Liam spent a lot of time inside too engrossed in his book, James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’. Mario has hardly spent any time inside, constantly standing on deck enjoying the view. Reading inside the cabin on such a beautiful day is sacrilege to him. He hardly ever spends any time inside despite the cold weather. No wonder he is our main picture taker.
Ian is similarly minded, spending most of his time outside, not only because he needs to navigate bit also because he enjoys it. We only see him staring into the distance, lost in thought. There is something in his eyes at such moments.
The sun went down in beautiful pinks and lilacs, coloring the clouds. My favourite time today. The horizon spreading in front of us was so mysterious, so magical. Surrounded by pinkness the mountains were only outlined against the horizon, varying shadows in the distance. Glorious. I sat outside with Mario telling him how beautiful I thought the sunset was, describing the pink edges of clouds, and the shadows of distant mountains enveloped in lilac mist, the special reflection the water had, almost like the depths of a precious stone, while he thought I was mocking him. ‘No’ I said, ‘I am serious’. Secretly I thought ‘I am not like you’. At some point we stood at the front of the boat, humming the soundtrack to ‘Starwars’ when our attention was drawn by the reflection of the thin moon on our right side as well as the reflection of the setting sun to our left. Mountains turned into dark shadows by then. Beautiful. Speaking of the moon, it has been up in the sky ever since 3-4pm. It was clearly visible during day light hours. Weird.
Now that it is completely dark outside, the boys are still hanging out there, while Ian is cooking a meal and I am typing this. We have decided on a night sail because the conditions are favourable – the wind is coming from the right direction (West) and it is a clear, calm night. After a whole day of motoring and winds coming straight at us, it is time we had some excellent sailing conditions, although the wind is very inconsistent, disappearing completely now and again. Let us see how this night sail goes.
Ian has already declared that he will be having a nap after dinner in preparation for that night watch. Mario is also tired, so he would probably do the same. So far Liam hasn’t said anything but I hope we can pull that 14h watch without having to bother Ian too much. Despite heaps of enthusiasm we are not experienced enough and he ends up completing most (if not all) of the watch. We will see…
To be continued…

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