May 7, Playa Parda Chica

We woke up late that day after our failed night sail and spent the rest of the day resting about the boat. We made dinner, watched Dr.Strangelove (I started watching it and then got bored and fell asleep while the boys finished it) and went to bed again. With all that sleeping you would think we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night but we had no trouble whatsoever. We fell asleep as soon as we smelled the pillow.
Next day we woke up, had a chat with Bon, who had managed to catch up with us after our miserable night sail, and agreed to meet him at the caleta in about an hour or so. We thought we’d kill some time exploring the surrounding hills. We wanted to climb up to a really high one so we could see Bob coming in and take photos of him.
Again we had to go through that soft, bouncy moss and through the trees before we got higher up and onto clear ground. From there Ian and I hung around at a lower level, waiting for Bob, Liam jotted to a higher hill and soon after Mario followed him. I imagined what the view would be like from a higher point and figured out I had enough time to climb up and back down before Bob came. I headed to the higher hills, stopping to admire the view every now and then. I made it to where I had previously seen Liam sit, thinking it would get me the view I was after but it didn’t. It still wasn’t high enough and I could only see the tops of the mountains in the distance as well as the snow cap of a peak that looked stunning. I could see Mario climbing further up but I had no time to do so myself and I settled for going back down where Liam and Ian were already waiting. I saw Mario making it to the top and hoped he had seen the snow peak and had taken photos of it.
When he rejoined us by the Zodiac I asked him about it, but he said even that wasn’t high enough to see the mountain tops. C’est la vie!
Bob had made it into the caleta and was waiting for us to help him tie up his ropes when we approached him in the dinghy. He slowly backed into the small, narrow bay and neatly settled besides us. We helped him tie his ropes and when we were done I thought I’d pay him a visit. I was curious to see the inside of his boat.
Although it is only a bit smaller than ours, the inside of Silf Six is considerably smaller. I was surprised by the difference. The inside of his boat is much narrower and darker. I also thought the arrangement was rather awkward and uncomfortable but that of course is my personal opinion. I am sure Bob is perfectly happy with it.
Then I dragged Mario to have a look at it, and we ended up staying for a bit, chatting about Bob’s past in the Australian navy. Exciting! We then all focused on chores that needed doing. The guys went to a nearby stream to do laundry and I busied myself on the boat. Probably cleaning again.
In the evening we all got together for dinner and poker. That was fun! I was totally winning in the beginning until I started losing. I still managed to pull it off but not without a bank loan of 50 beans. That same night we got into another heavy philosophical discussion that became rather heated at some point. I am not going to go into details but a few punch lines from that night have become our resident jokes.
I enjoyed listening to Bob as I am always happy to meet people that are better rerad and more experienced than myself. What better and easier way to learn things and exercise your brain?!We stayed up very late that night.

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