Perito Moreno: river of ice or the most famous ice cube in Patagonia

…continued from previous story

Next day was a big day for us. We were going to see Perito Moreno Glacier – the most famous piece of ice in Patagonia. We made a few stops on the way where our guide told us more about the estepa of Patagonia, its animals, the forming of the lakes and the mountains as well as the glacier. It all started with the glaciers of course and everything that followed was left after they retracted. Knowing more about our surroundings made us appreciate the rugged, seemingly boring scenery. It added something to the trip. We also asked why the PM Glacier was so famous. It wasn’t the biggest one. The answer was simple – it was the only easily accessible one.
We spent a few hours at the glacier. First we took a boat tour to the Southern Wall of the ice cube and as we got closer we realized how big it actually was. We knew it was 50-60m high but one somehow fails to realize how high this actually is until one is standing right in front of it.
After the boat ride and the large number of photos taken we were on our way to the Northern Wall. A series of well maintained walkways allowed us to get really close to the monstrous ice cube. We heard all the cracking and saw some pieces fall into the water. Everytime we were amazed but also a bit disappointed. The crack in the ice was like thunder that could be heard from hundreds of meters away but the piece that actually fell was disproportionately small. At least it looked that way from where it stood. I think you can only judge its true size by the noise it made. And it was impressive. I loved the blue reflections of the ice and also the way it contrasted the surrounding red leafed autumn trees. The weather again was on our side. Clouds and sun took turns creating the perfect view of the ice – not too bright so you couldn’t see the shades of blue but also not too cloudy so you could see the glacier in a different light. The view was complete.
We spent the evening at our cozy hostel chatting to a couple of nice Spanish guys who’d just started their RTW trip. We were going to go out for a steak dinner but on the way there we stopped at the supermarket where we came across a ridiculously cheap large pizza. It only cost $0.50 and we just couldn’t pass it up. Someone had put the wrong sticker on it reducing the price about 15 times. It was too good to miss!
Our next stop was Parque Nacional Torres del Paine in Chile where we would spent some time hiking and camping the apparently famous ‘W’ circuit.

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