Music on Persimmon

As a natural extension to my previous post here comes the section on music. It is always present regardless of what we do. This morning for example we had an excellent pancake breakfast accompanied by the sexy tunes of Mr. James Brown. I thought ‘There is no better morning music!’. Such an uplifting, energetic tune! We rarely listen to music in the mornings though, usually we don’t have the time for it, always busy, rushing to get the boat ready and leave. We sometimes listen to some music during the day, but it is often very difficult to hear anything when sitting outside, with the wind blowing, the engine running, or both!
There isn’t a single evening that goes without music. We (and by that I mean ‘I’) have already compiled a case with our favourite CDs and we keep rotating them depending on our mood or the dinner theme. For example, if Ian is cooking an Indian meal we would listen to some of his Indian music. As a matter of fact Ian has got such an excellent, extensive music collection that we have hardly listen to any of the music we carry.
We mainly listen to jazz, classical music, latin, tango, Indian, and world music. My personal favorites so far have been the Gypsy Kings and Djavan (a popular Brazilian artist).
Oh yeah!

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