May 5, Bahia Tilly, Strait of Magellan Day 3

I have already related the story of our morning in the previous post. So let’s see what else happened today. We breakfasted on the cake I baked the night before and some tea, while having yet another discussion, this time on climate change. Luckily I didn’t go out of bed until 11am and I managed to miss most of it. I was surprised to hear Mario’s voice while Liam and Ian didn’t even seem to be there. Why surprised!? Because Liam is a lot more passionate about this issue than any of the rest of us. Least of all me. The discussion went on and on and on…until someone finally got up and decided to go out. I think it was Ian who got up and decided to take the dinghy for a little fresh water expedition. He called us all out to see the snow and some snow it was. It has been snowing heavily all day long. With small dry, sunny intervals in between. The boys decided to fill up the water tanks and set out on half a day’s hard work. It took quite a few dinghy trips with a couple of jerry cans and some buckets before the tanks were full. Mario also had a whole lot of laundry to do which took him even longer. All that in the cold, snowy outside.
Meanwhile I busied myself with tidying up the cabin. I washed the breakfast dishes, swept and mopped the floor, cleaned the bathroom, tidied up all the cushions and clothes that were spread all over the place and the result was rather wonderful.
It was 3.30pm when everybody finally got back and we could have lunch. By then we were starving. So I heated up all the left overs we had from the last couple of days, Liam added a fresh cabbage-carrot salad to it, and voila! an excellent meal was born. We had some lentils stew, some rice together with some crab caviar, cheese and crackers. All in all great!
Filling up the water tanks also means taking showers. All the boys have showered and smell wonderfully by now, which leaves only me stinking the place. I better go and beautify myself before they all turn their back on me. Every week we make jokes about each others’ smell. It really isn’t that bad because it is too cold for really bad smells to develop but it is fun to mess about.
Now, that everybody is well fed, showered and the day of work is over we are all sitting around the table, reading and writing, enjoying a quite day on the boat.

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