May 2, Caleta Brecknock

Nobody remembers what happened after our windy adventure but they all say it was a short trip before our next anchorage. Getting to the caleta was a straightforward procedure, the depths were fine and it was wide enough so we didn’t have to worry about rocks or hitting anything. The scenery was beautiful. We were surrounded by massive grey rocks, sort of round in shape, rustically piled on top of each other. It sort of reminds me of a large mud monster, or a rock monster, just like the trolls in ‘The Lord of the Rings’. We settled for the night and when we woke up the next day we went for a hike in the surrounding hills. Unfortunately nobody remembers anything but the hike. That is what happens when you don’t write down things immediately.
So, all four of us got into the dinghy and climbed the few hundred meters mentioned in the book that took us to one of the lakes in the area. Pretty but not emerald due to the lack of sunlight. Whenever we go on hikes we usually split up and do our own thing. This is what happened this time. Ian walked off along the lake and towards a small waterfall at the base of a higher hill. Liam took off, hiking up a higher hill from where a better view of the surrounding mountains could be observed. He likes hiking.
Mario and I hung around the lake for a while, chatting before I decided to follow Ian and see what’s beyond the hill. Indeed the view was worth it. I could see beyond the immediate hills blocking our view which only made me want to hike further up and see what was beyond there. I did see another lake though as well as some higher mountains, which were only blocking the view to the higher mountains behind them and so on. One has to be happy with what one has because there is always better and bigger beyond but it is always out of reach (for a given time of course!). With unlimited time supply it is another story.
After a while Mario joined me, we spent some more time chatting, and when we couldn’t see the rest we thought it was time to head back. Mario rushed me on the way back convinced that the others were waiting for us. And they were.
We hopped back into the dinghy and headed towards the opposite end of the caleta, hoping to see the lake up close as well as get a better view of the mountains that we couldn’t quite see before. We left the dinghy ashore, and looked around trying to figure out a way to get past the piled rubbish and the thick vegetation blocking our way to the lake. We decided to follow a path that led us under and among the trees, before we hit a dead end and looked for a different route along the side of the mountain. Luckily, it was just where the tree path ended and we reached the lake in no time. By that time it was already getting rather dark and after a few minutes on the rocks and a short break we decided it was time to go back. Mario suggested a different route that didn’t require us getting back under the trees but which was by no means any easier. We had to inch our way through vegetation and uneven, slippery terrain. I remember seeing what I thought were rocks and putting my feet on them I would sink into the mud. How deceiving!
We made it back, and I drove us back to the boat for another great evening.

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