Princess Christine and VIP treatment

Christine, a German fellow traveler I met on one of the boats has been educating me on the Brazilian ways for the last couple of days. We talked about everything – her impressions of Brazil, everyday life, the different idea she had had of the country before coming – but most of all about the relationships between man and women.

Most of the previously mentioned topics are the result of men/women relationships. For example, life changes dramatically for both partners when in a relationship. Girls wouldn’t talk to the couple as it might be seen as an attempt at stealing the boyfriend. Another example – if a girl wants to dance with another guy she must ask permission first. If she doesn’t she is considered to be compromising the status of her boyfriend. Life becomes very dull when you are in a relationship – you do everything together not for romantic reasons but simply because both partners are afraid the other will cheat. It is just a way of keeping an eye on your significant other. Personally, I think that is a bit extreme but it does make perfect sense when you get to know the culture. Brazil is afterall the most sexually liberated country in the world.

There is a ‘kissing’ culture or the so called ficar that dominated the life of young Brazilians. The sole purpose of going out is to kiss as many people as possible or shall I say as many girls as possible as it seems to be more of a score-keeping for guys than it is for girls.
– When in a club you start dancing but 15mins later you stop because the guy is trying to kiss you – complains Christine who loves dancing but doesn’t get the chance to do it too often.
– They go to clubs to kiss, not to dance – she adds. Christine says that often they don’t even make it to the club.
– They go to the supermarket to buy beer, and spent the rest of the night drinking beer on the pavement in front of it – she says. Or they will just spend the night in front of the club drinking.

By now you have figured what a major role drinking plays in Brazil’s everyday life. The drink of choice is beer. Rather light, watery beer. On the boat to Santarem (the worst boat of all five) they’d start drinking after breakfast and carry on late into the night. By noon the square, plastic tables would be covered in carefully arranged empty beer cans.

– You just can’t trust Brazilian guys – Christine says. In most cases they are just trying to kiss you.

Note to self: Don’t trust Brazilian guys under any circumstances. Better safe than sorry!

Another peculiarity of Brazilian men is the type of women they like. For the last couple of days I have been hanging out with Christine and I have noticed guys would only pay attention to her. They wouldn’t give me the day of light. Christine is a large girl with lovely curly, light brown hair and light green eyes. She has an enviable ass and fat legs.

I am used to the attention and the lack of it bothered me. I asked Chris what type of girls they liked in Brazil. She explained.
– Big girls are popular here. They like big bottoms, big breasts and fat legs. The more meat you have, the better – Chris said.
– They also like me because they think I am blond. To them this is blond – she said pointing to her hair.
– To them I am some kind of a princess! – she exclaimed. Particularly here in the North where everyone is so dark – she added.

If Chris hadn’t explained I would have taken it personally. But it was perfectly fine in this case. Besides there were great benefits to hanging out with Princess Christine.

Chris also explained Brazilian style complements. She told me at first she got offended when they commented on her legs.
– You have such fat legs! – they would say. As she got to know their ways she learnt to appreciate the complement. Because of Christine’s looks we got a very special deal on our boat tickets.

We met this guy on the bus on our way to the port. He let Chris have his seat and started talking to her. He obviously liked her (no surprise there!) and decided to escort us to the port. We got into a taxi and were thinking how expensive it was when the guy offered to pay for it. We were more than happy to oblige. We then invited him for a drink as a way of thanking him but he paid that too. We complained how expensive the tickets were and how we had paid half what they were asking on the way here. He said he had a friend at the port and would pull some strings to get us cheaper tickets. We ended up paying half the price and even got the food on board for free. It is all about knowing the right people in Brazil.

Obviously the guy was hoping to see Chris again but she had no such intentions. We just took everything he had to offer and left. They treat women like a piece of meat but we got our own ways of getting back at them. Cruel? Just fair.


4 thoughts on “Princess Christine and VIP treatment

  1. “Brazil is afterall the most sexually liberated country in the world.”

    I don't completely agree with you. Have you ever been to Holland?

    P.S.: I found you thru Chris'profile. I hosted her in Brazil when she first got here.

  2. I just finished reading your post. I loved it! Poor Chris! I really know what you were talking about. I'm brazilian and could also be in those situations with her for many times. You're completely right about brazilian men. 🙂

  3. Hi Quel, I am just noticing your comments. As you can tell i am very good at writing (quantity wise)but terrible at managing this blog. I don't get any notifications about comments, hence the delay.

    Thanks for reading the posts. And to answer your questions, yes, I have been to Holland, i lived there for three years and I still think Brazil is more liberated sexually than NL. But that's a long discussion as to why I think that.

    As for the other question, I am from Bulgaria.

    Greets, Kat

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