Bocas del Toro: a pleasant surprise

After the jungle I made my way to Bocas del Toro, an archipelago off the Atlantic coast of Panama. I didn´t really want to go there at first as I thought it wouldn´t be too beautiful and full of party people. Not necessarily my type of crowd. I decided to go there since I was in the area and just relax for a couple of days even though the beaches were not mind blowlingly beautiful Carribean style. Meaning blue waters and white sand. I ended up staying 6 days.
I was pleasantly surprised by the islands and really enjoyed myself. Although the water was not turquise colored and the sand wasn´t white the beaches were still remarkably pretty. The water was emerald green and very clear, full of tropical fish and the sand was powedery and yellow.
I took two boat trips while there among other things and none of them went exactly as planned due to bad weather, poor organisation on behalf of the tour agencies or both. The first trip was supposed to take us to two snorkelling spots, but because we lost 1h in the morning we couldn´t make it to the second one as it was windy and cloudy by the time we got there. We did snorkel earlier that day though and it was beautiful – the reef was very shallow and the coral so colorful! Really you needn´t use any imagination to see the colors. It was all there! Not many fish though. We also saw dolphins that day:)
The day after that we had planned to cycle to another beach accross the island but it rained so we stayed at the hostel and caught up on blogs.
I did eventually make it to the pretty beach on the other side of the island and it was worth the wait. The 2nd most beautiful. That is where we saw all those starfish – Playa de las Estrellas. We spent the day chilling on the beach and in hammocks when the weather got bad.
Next day was time for another boat trip and a complete disaster. It rained all day that day. We left in the morning hoping it would brighten up as it had done before but it didn´t happen. It was cold, gloomy and rainy all day. Again we didn´t get to go to the last spot of the trip because of the weather. We also couldn´t quite enjoy the most beautiful beach of all – Cayos Zapatillas. It was so windy and cold that we had to stay in the water all the time to keep warm. Good thing the people I was with were fun and we laughed our way through it.
Th day after and my last day in Bocas, I hired a boogy board and went to the most beautiful beach of the adjacent island – Wizard Beach. Unfortunately, I got a small boat to take me there and it couldn´t make the waves. I had to walk to the beach through a mud path in the jungle. It was horrible – mud, stones, and other things not nice. I was also barefoot as I wasn´t prepared to walk at all. I hated it! That´s one of the few times I have been so upset since the beginning of the trip. We did try to get another boat on the way back but again they couldn´t make the waves and we had to repeat the disgusting walk all over again. At the end of the day I had an argument with the boat captain who wouldn´t give me money back despite not taking me to the original destination. Anyhow, it did work out at the end.
Bocas was fun! I met cool people and laughed a lot. The one thing that was not so good were the bed bugs – they ate me alive! Half my legs are covered in bits, and I seem to have brought them with me so they keep eating me.

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