Not my day

After Semuc Champey and Lanquin I headed back to Coban where I was supposed to arrange a stay with an indigenous family in the nearby subtropical rain forest. Now I am writing this weeks after it had actually happened and I hope I don’t miss anything. I had kept a journal where I have written everything that has happened so far. It was necessary because I often don’t get access to the Inet where I can update my blog.

Back to the story. I spent the night in Coban, a boring place used only as a transportation hub. I only stayed there because of my eco-trip. I managed to arrange it and went there the next morning. Now here is where the trouble began. It was raining all morning. Hard when you are walking with two heavy bags on your shoulders. Once at the office I made myself comfortable waiting for the bus to pick me up and take me to the community. I waited for about an hour when the lady told me the bus was broken and the driver was trying to fix it before we left. I said it was fine and that I would wait. Later, she checked on progress and the guy assured her we were still going. Four hours later the bus was still not repaired and the lady suggested I better go. I decided to make my way to Rio Dulce, hoping I would get there on time. So I made my way down the street where the buses passed (advised by the lady). I couldn’t quite see where they’d stop so I asked a taxi driver where it was. He said they didn’t stop here and that the station was far. Apparently, I needed a taxi. I didn’t think much of it at the time as you often get misleading directions from people. I got into the taxi, paid the fee, only to find out later that the bus did indeed go through where I was standing and that the taxi driver was just tring to make money by lying to me.

I got on the bus while the helper boy was loading my bag on top of it. He then he decided to take it down and put it in the truck and made a whole in it while doing so. I was mad. I asked what he had done, and he just said: ‘Nada….’.

I then got to a place where I was supposed to change buses. I was starving and got some street food that’s usually pretty cheap. Not this time. I then had to wait for the bus. I killed time by walking around, eating fruit, and reading.


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