La Ceiba: the ‘party’ city of Honduras

I was getting tired of Guatemala and it was time to leave. I didn’t know what to expect from Honduras but I was pleasantly surprised by the views along the road. It was very green, unspolied, clean and pretty. Houses could be seen in the jungle and along the coast. Unfortunately, it was all gone as soon as we neared the towns. Once again run-down buildings, dirty roads, heat and noise. La Ceiba was no exception. It was worse. There was nothing to see and Inet was expensive. As for the ‘party’, it was non-existent.

What struck me the most though were the people. They were completely indifferent, at times bordering rudeness. The best (genuine) service I got was at the hairdresser’s where the girl was admiring my hair (imagine that!) while I was telling her I’d live to have their abundant, thick, shiny black hair. She laughed and thought I was mad:). I also got good service at Pizza Hut where the waiter was extra nice. My dentist (Dra. Claudia) was a bit distant at first but by the end she warmed up to me and we were chatting freely. She was asking questions, I was telling her about my travels and some of it seemed sheer madness to her. she would be very happy to know I didn’t go to the honduran jungle by myself and she’s got ‘rainy season’ to thank for it.

When I finally fixed all my teeth I took a day trip to Cayos Cochinos.


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