Zacatecas: Colonial architecture and more

I have been in Zacatecas for two days now. Not because I wanted but because I had to. I had only planned one day, but I got sick and decided to rest for a day before I continue my journey down south.

Anyhow, the city has been a joy. Very pretty! Many cobbled streets and colorful houses. Magnificant churches and great views. The people have been very kind and helpful. There’s always someone suggesting an interesting spot to visit or a good place to eat.

I took the teleferico (it’s a bit like a ski lift, going through and above the city) up to Cerro de la Bufa (one of the few surrounding hills) and spend a day wandering around and climbing rocks. The top of the hill makes for a pleasant weekend walk and has a pretty church, some viewing spots, statues of important revolutionaries, artesanias shops, a museum, a meteorological tower. I visited the church, wandered its courtyard. Took photos of the statues, browsed the shops, went up the hill to see a mausoleum, and finally climbed the hill. By the time I as done, I was starving and it was time to make my way back to town.

The local street theatre festival came as a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed almost 3 performances (the 2nd one I couldn’t quite see as there were too many people). I saw a circus performance and a traditional Mexican theatre to do with their main ancient God Quetzcuatl. It was a bit weird at times, and a bit borring, and I do have to admit I didn’t get it all but it was pretty to watch.

I fogot to mention that I met a Mexican guy while I was having lunch and we spent the day together – chatting, sightseeing, eating. Very cool guy!

Today, when I was wandering the streets I stumbled upon the actors preparing for another performance at a local hotel. The atmosphere was nice – arty, lively, warm.

Today, I saw the bits of the city I couldn’t see yesterday despite the continuous rain. It rained during the night, then twice or three times during the day. I saw some pretty parks, and a food market. That was cool! A bit surreal, it’s hard to believe that food doesn’t always come fom the well-arranged supermarkets. I stayed there for a bit, waiting for the rain to pass by. It was fun to just watch people.

Then I felt pretty tired so I went back to the hostel for a nap. The sound of music woke me up, there was a doll parade on the main street, again part of the festival.

A light lunch followed and some more sightseeing. Now, it is time for dinner.


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