CouchSurfing or the new way to travel

Oh well, here we go again. I haven’t written for a few days, and I don’t have a good excuse for it. There you go!
Let’s recap, shall we?
Monday was a rather memorable day. I got contacted by a Swiss guy here in Monterrey, asking whether I wanted to go out for drinks. Before I continue, some background info is in place. Lukas (Swiss guy) found me on the CouchSurfing website. It’s somewhat of a social project aimed at bringing people together and promoting cultural exchange (the business woman in me is speaking!). It is a place where travellers meet and exchange experiences and couches. You create a profile and offer people a sleeping place while they are travelling. Same goes for you – others host you when you are travelling. You can also be someone’s guide and show them around through the eyes of a local. Pretty cool! Although, there are people using it in the wrong way, just like any other social website out there. So, meeting Lukas through the website was my first CS experience. He saw I was in the area, and decided to meet up.
I thought it’d be a good idea, especially since I hadn’t left the house all day. So, we arranged to meet in Barrio Antiguo and start with a couple of beers at his hostel together with the rest of the travellers. There were a couple of Aussies, some girls, a few Mexicans, all in all a good mix. By the time I got there (which wasn’t too late) everyone was decently drunk.
A couple of hours later we headed to a local bar (El Monasterio) which seemed to be open for just us. There was hardly anybody else there and the band did an extra special performance. The live performances at local clubs is one thing I really like about Monterrey, there are hardly any DJ’s. This time the two guys sang heartfelt Mexican love songs and a few other less significant ones.
By the time we left, the rest of the gang was pretty wasted. All in all we had a good time.
Then not much happened the last few days, went to a basketball game and played poker last night. For money. And I lost. Didn’t go out first though. A couple of guys went out before I did, and I bet they had played more than I had. This was only my second time playing poker. Jolly good fun! I was seriously considering going back in but I didn’t have any cash on me.
So, another basketball game tonight, and maybe clubbing. We will see how it goes.

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