Sticky times

Sooo, I have been in Monterrey for almost four days now. Didn’t think there was much to write about since I have lived here before and everything is more or less familiar and no longer worthy of a photo. Besides, the purpose of this visit was to relax and hang out with friends.

So, let’s see what have been the highlights of these last few days.

I went to the movies and played games and cards at the neighbours. Lovely people with a vicious dog. We were playing this game called ‘Pit’ that requires a lot of shouting and energy. It is based on commodities trading and exchange. So, in the spirit of the game I was shouting, jumping in my seat, getting overly excited, stressing out, pushing, cheating and all those wonderful things that traders do.

For some reason the dog only jumped on me and bit to make things worse! It’s one of those little, furry thing with tiny, razor-sharp, cutting through skin teeth! You will be happy to know I survived though and we even made friends the next day.

I also had a few lovely, home cooked Mexican meals and a Chinese the size of a football ball! Mexicans do BIG portions!

I finally got to eat my beloved ‘tacos de alambre’ and visit one of those canteens that lovely Mexican ladies run from their kitchens. The one we went to today was particularly nice. The type of place you see on pictures when people describe what’s typical for a country. No need to mention Mexican hospitality, they open their homes and hearts for you and make you feel like you belong.

I have also been sticky ever sine I arrived. Everybody is in a permanent state of stickiness. You wake up sticky, you get out of the shower, you are sticky, you go out, come back, you are sticky. And this is despite the ventilators working 24/7. Nobody’s complaining though – we are enjoying 35 oC and tons of sun! Viva Mexico!

No wonder Mexicans are slow and their country is not going anywhere (at least not too fast), it is physically impossible to do anything in this heat. All you want to do all day long is lounge, sleep and all that under and/or near a powerful ventilator.

Another matter, and rather more serious is the difficulties I am having with finding a backpack and hiking shoes. I did not get them in Europe as I thought I would have no trouble buying them here, Monterrey being an adventure sports hub. Well, I went to two shops that were highly specialised in hunting/fishing and mountain climbing and had a very limited selection of backpacks and shoes (at ridiculously high prices!). I am in a search of a decent shop and I very much hope I find one soon.


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