How I got to Mexico?

So, let’s give this blogging thing a try. I promised to write as soon as I got to Mexico and let everyone know I was OK (on Karen’s insistence). Well, I am OK. End of message….just kidding!
It took me about 48h or so to get here. I spent a night at Heathrow airport waiting for an early morning flight to Madrid. It’s an interesting place the airport at night – one would think it’s completely deserted but no. There is so much going on – cleaning, maintenance, construction works, re-stocking, re-filling, you name it!
It’s kinda hard to get around the airport, when there isn’t a single lift working, or a sign flashing. It makes you realise how dependant we are on modern technology. Everything is so easy that you don’t even realise it’s there. You only start thinking about it when it’s gone. Anyhow, I did somehow make my way to some chairs and turned them into a bed for the night. Not bad.
Change of flights in Madrid, not too bad either. An 11h flight to Mexico without in-flight entertainment, could be better. Unlike British Airway, Iberia didn’t have individual screens, just a few big, fat, old-fashioned screens throughout the plane. On the bright side though, the plane was not full and I had two seats to myself. That’s almost like a king-size bed for someone as tiny as me 🙂
Slept through most of the flight, food was good, and service was very nice.
Far from my final destination though. Once in Mexico City I had to go through immigration and fill out a bunch of forms. By the time I found a pen, the queue was humungous. So, I waited…and waited…and waited….
The nice officer made up for it though, we talked a bit, joked a bit, had my passport stamped and wished a pleasant stay. Then I had my bags sniffled by a dog and I have to admit I got a bit nervous there as my bags had been waiting off the belt for a while before I got to them. Both were unlocked. Nothing happened though and I didn’t even have to go through the random luggage check (and have all my underwear exposed!). I will stuff it at the bottom of the suitcase next time 🙂
Right, Mexico City airport, got a taxi to the bus station, and luckily there was a bus leaving to Monterrey in about 20mins. I even got a discounted fair (or at least I think so). So, another 10h in the bus. Plenty of leg space, soft, reclinable seats, movies, food, everything was taken care of.
Halfway through the journey I was getting inpatient and desperate for a shower. I was hot, sticky and smelly. To make things worse the bus was more than 1h late. Anyhow, I reached Monterrey at about 6.30am on Friday, Oct 2.
Now is the time to mention that a friend was supposed to pick me up but thanks to the infamous Mexican organisation and an undelivered text message I was left to my own devices.
Off to another taxi, and a short ride took me home. You would think, she finally made it, she would finally be able to take a shower…at least that’s what I thought until a knocked on the door and 5 mins later it was still closed. Ooops….let’s knock again! Knock-knock…anybody home?
The neighbours dog was certainly home but my dearest friends were sleeping tight oblivious of my knocking. I knew they were in there and just couldn’t hear me. So, I sat down and prepared to wait until someone decided to come out on their way to school. I would knock from time to time just in case someone heard me. 30 mins later a sleepy head appeared in the door.
A refreshing shower, a peach for breakfast and a clean change of clothes followed. I was home.

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